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The market is developing towards quicker transportation with demands on increased availability. But that is not all. Demands on keeping to schedules – goods being delivered on a certain day and, in some cases, at a specific time – is a very clear trend.

TransFargo offers a number of optional services that are adapted to increasing demands for flexible delivery times in our country-based standard service:

  • Priority

- delivery monitoring to ensure on-time delivery

  • Priority 8, 10, 12

- delivery according to schedule before 8, 10 or 12

  • Date

- delivery on a specific day

  • Date 8, 10, 12

- delivery on a specific day before 8, 10 or 12

  • Window

- delivery on a specific day within a specific time frame, e.g. between 10 and 12

  • Collect

- we pick up and deliver all over Europe, including cross trade

  • COD

- delivery against a bank proof of payment

  • Notification

- we notify the recipient of an expected delivery

  • Hazardous

- we also transport hazardous goods.

  • Document

- when specific documentation should accompany the goods to the recipient

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