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Spare parts logistics

Spare parts logistics makes great demands on availability, precision and safety for the entire delivery chain, to enable our customers to resolve crucial situations when the production system falters or breaks down.

We achieve this by providing a round-the-clock emergency service 365 days a year.

Among other things we can receive and confirm orders, plan orders for tasks for technicians, order spare parts, escalation processes and similar administrative services.

We stock spare parts both centrally and in strategically situated depots to enable our customers to quickly resolve any crises that may arise.

We plan and co-ordinate delivery and return of spare parts to/from both service technicians and companies and private individuals who have chosen to carry out the service under their own management.
Handling of returned goods includes recycling and safe disposal of used parts.

We deliver overnight either to drop-off points where the technician can fetch them early in the morning, or direct to the customer.
Our business is founded on modern and well developed logistics and service management systems specially adapted for EDI communication with our partners.

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