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Bonded warehouse

We offer bonded warehousing at all of our facilities. We can also offer customs bonded warehousing at other storage sites, such as at your location.

Customs Bonded warehousing entails goods remaining uncleared in the warehouse until it is time to use them. Customs and VAT are only paid when the goods are taken from the warehouse. If the goods are re-exported outside the EU, customs and VAT are not charged.

The advantages of customs bonded warehousing include:

  • goods can be warehoused uncleared for an unlimited period of time
  • no customs or other tax is charged while the uncleared goods are being warehoused
  • goods can be warehoused even if all of the import restrictions have not been satisfied; for example, an import licence is not required as long as the goods are at the customs warehouse
  • less tied-up capital

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