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TransFargo can now offer comprehensive assistance regarding customs services from importation of simple consignments to more complicated customs clearance and declaration in compliance with Intrastat.

IMPORT – Customs declarations, normal procedures

- Non-accredited importers
- Accredit importers
Normal procedure involves submitting a complete customs declaration to the customs authorities requesting clearance of the goods. Normal procedure whereby goods are declared prior to release is called direct declaration.

Simple procedure (import)
An importer who has permission to import for own use may take charge of and dispose of goods before duty has been fixed, provided a simplified declaration for release has been submitted.

Supplementary customs declaration
Supplementary customs declaration for imported goods shall be submitted within eleven days of the clearance of the goods. The declaration shall be submitted to the importer’s controlling customs office regardless of where the simplified declaration was submitted. TransFargo can assume responsibility for this declaration being submitted correctly and on time.

Transiting means moving goods from one transit/customs warehouse to another, at the customer’s request, without the goods having been cleared.

EXPORT – Export clearance

On export to a third country, an export declaration shall be submitted to the customs authorities before the goods leave Sweden


Goods that have not been given clearance may be transited to another country.


Sweden’s entry into the EU has meant that it is no longer possible to obtain information from customs documents about Sweden’s trade with other countries.
The EU has replaced this with another system called Intrastat. Statistics Sweden (SCB) determines which companies are to provide information to Intrastat by a process of continual assessment of monthly tax declarations submitted by companies to the tax authorities.

If a company has, during a consecutive period of 12 months, delivered goods for a value of SEK 1.5M or more, that company will be bound to supply information on its imports.

We can help supply SCB with the necessary information.


Servicetrappan is a quality control system developed by Swedish Customs in collaboration with trade and industry.
This system enables companies that import, export and ship goods across national boundaries to certify their customs procedures by going through them and making notes of them.

Since 2004 TransFargo has been certified to step 4 of Servicetrappan.

Certification makes it easier for TransFargo to work across international borders.

Other advantages of this system are that TransFargo has its ‘own’ customs officer, a contact person who, among other things, deals with TransFargo’s inquiries. It has also made us very familiar with customs procedures.

AEO, Authorised Economic Operator

TransFargo is AEOF certified, with certificate number 55619879090002.

AEO, Authorised Economic Operator, is a joint EU certification programme that aims to create a higher degree of security across the globe, as well effective and uniform customs administration in the EU.

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