When an accident occurs ............

When TransFargo take care of your shipments, we are responsible for handling it in the best way.

Our responsibility does not end until the shipment are handed over to the consignee or placed at his disposal at the designated place.

Our responsibility follow definite rules

The Nordic Association of Freight Terms and Conditions, NSAB 2000 is a guarantee that our customers are always treated in a proper and secure manner.

Our responsibility is currently insured by IF.

Standards of compensation

When we are liable for damage or loss, we will replace you with the guidance of the invoice value if it is a trade shipment.

Limitations (examples):


SEK 150 / gross kg = actual physical weight.


8.33 SDR / gross kg (around 85-95 SEK / kg).

In the assessment of responsibility, it is important:

When things go wrong, we promise a quick and accurate customer handling.

Your responsibility as a customer

In our business, we see all kinds of shipments. Some are robust and can withstand a lot. While other shipment are fragile or perishable and risking to be damaged. It is therefore necessary that the shipment are delivered for carriage is fitted with a commercially packaging to protect the shipment from normal stresses in the transportation-chain.

The group of fragile shipment include, among other things, carpentry, appliances, computer equipment, refrigeration and heating shipment. These types of shipment generally require special attention when choosing the packaging and carriage-way. Failure to supply the shipment with the necessary packaging, or, for example, not to ask for refrigeration and heat transport of the shipment which are sensitive to cold or heat, may involve restrictions on the right to compensation for damages directly related to such a cause. Dangerous shipment are subjected to special conditions

You must act when you receive your shipment

Check the shipment and its packaging state when it is dispensed to you. You have to check that the quantity agrees with that the consignment note.

If the shipment are damaged when we deliver

When receive the shipment, make a remark on the waybill/CMR if any deviations. Your complaint must not be detailed, but it is necessary to make a remark, so the complaint can be handled.

The remark is to prove that the damage occurred when we had the care of the shipment. We must be given the opportunity to trace the cause and take action so that it will not be repeated. You should also try to limit the damage when it's possible.

If the damage could be detected only when unpacking (hidden by the packaging), you must report the damage to us within seven (7) working days after the delivery, to be admissible. Also note damage can occur even before the actual commencement of shipment.

Damages may also occur in production and inventory management, before the actual packing is done.

Often we want to inspect the damage. Therefore, you must not return, sell or repair the damaged items without first contacting us. Take therefore urgently contact with our claims department. Once this is done we will send you a claim form that you should complete and return to us.

Instruction – Deviations i.e Missing shipment

Make a remark on the waybill/CMR before you sign for the shipment and contact the nearest TransFargo office. We make a warrant the shipment among our terminals and among the carriers.

Settlement of claims

You have to make a compensation claim and prove the amount of the claim. This means that you normally perform the following documents to us:

  • Deviation/Damage Report
  • Waybill, CMR or STL label
  • Commercial invoice between seller and buyer or other document proving the value of the shipment.
  • Repair Invoice alternatively invoice for the replacement delivery or spare invoice.
  • Any other documents that you consider to be relevant to the damage should sent to us.

Cargo Insurance

A particular shipment insurance gives the best financial protection in case of damage or loss. On your behalf, we can sign a cargo insurance, ASSAR (All Shipments Safe All Risks) in collaboration with Nacora Insurance. You can also contact your own insurer for a quote.

Do not forget to ask for this additional service when booking a shipment, if additional protection is desired.


In this publication we will give you guidance on how our responsibility is designed. For more detailed information, we also recommend that you read the liability-rules.

Clarity and transparency are important factors in the relationship between us.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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