Clear Cargo insurance

Why sign an Clear Cargo insurance policy?


  • Clear Cargo will compensate the shipment's insured value (value of the goods + 10% trading profit + freight + insurance cost) in the event of damage or loss during transport.
  • Our responsibility as carrier is limited to SDR 8.33/kg (SEK 85/kg) according to NSAB 2015.
    Should something go wrong, having a Clear Cargo policy is very beneficial.


Simple and Flexible

  • Applies to all modes of transport, door to door regardless of whether the buyer or seller assumes the risk.
  • You want to have comprehensive insurance coverage for goods as well as smooth administration for every shipment.
  • Extended coverage compared to other cargo insurance policies – direct and reasonable costs for cleaning-up, destruction, extra freight, warehousing, repacking, sorting, travel and subsistence. Coverage is up to SEK 100,000.
  • Quick handling - quick replacement and quick payment for all valid feeds.
  • No excess.
  • Cheap premium, contact your contact person at TransFargo to get the terms and conditions.

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