Trade and consumer products (FMCG)

Many of TransFargo's customers operate in the fast-moving consumer products segment. Competition in the segment is growing rapidly. Fast-growing e-commerce has changed the behaviour of end consumers and today it is possible to buy products on the global market with a few clicks. There is often a high turnover in products purchased by the final user. It is therefore important to ensure that logistics work well and that deliveries are precise so that distributors, wholesale warehouses and stores receive fast, reliable deliveries within the agreed time.

For our customers in the clothing industry, rapid management of logistics and transport is of the utmost importance when new collections have to get out to the stores. When a new collection is to be launched, all stores are required to receive deliveries on the same day. TransFargo helps with the packing process, including sorting, putting together, packing and labelling. A packing process can mean that a large portion of the incoming order must be sorted, packed in a EURO pack, marked with the store's barcode, sorted by colour and size and packed according to the same article number.

Customer invoicing

TransFargo offers invoicing of the end customer. We work either in our own WMS system or in our customers' systems if so required. By allowing TransFargo to manage your invoicing, you reduce your internal administration and you can concentrate on developing your business.


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