Strict requirements are imposed on the handling and transport of products in the pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturer is responsible for the product's life cycle, which includes documentation, delivery, monitoring, guarding against accidents/near-accidents and the adoption of preventive measures.

It is of the utmost importance that the goods should arrive in timed deliveries. TransFargo offers temperature-controlled transports (thermo) for goods that require temperature control and regular documentation. Some products have a specified degree of purity. These goods then need to be handled and transported in such a way as to preserve their purity right up to the final recipient.

Medical equipment

Deliveries to hospitals or care centres require high levels of security and accurate timing. Traceability is important for products in the area of medical devices. For that reason, TransFargo scans a serial number per outbound delivery. This records both the serial number and the manufacturing date (production date) of each product. This enables us to identify any errors or stop other products in the same series if a fault is detected.

TransFargo also attaches certificates to the products that prove their authenticity, along with user manuals in the recipient's own language. If necessary, we can also assist with printing user manuals.

Safety is everything in transports of medical equipment. The goods are high-value and must be delivered through an unbroken transport chain. This means in most cases that there are at least two people manning the vehicle and monitoring the transport. TransFargo also assists with unpacking, carry-in and coordination with installation technicians.

We work in accordance with the following regulatory frameworks:

  • GDP (Good Distribution Practice), a European standard to ensure proper handling of goods that defines the level to be achieved in key areas.
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), a European standard that regulates repackaging activities.


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