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Several of TransFargo's customers offer servicing and installation of various kinds of IT equipment and retail software systems. A high level of service and precision in deliveries is important to us and to our customers and their end customers. TransFargo has extensive logistics experience relating to spare parts in the electronics industry and provides assistance for several customers in this segment.

We can help you put together and package spare parts and we can also provide transports to technicians around the country. The transports are carried out according to agreed delivery requirements. We offer both direktbud [direct delivery] which reaches the recipient within the time specified in an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and NBD (Next Business Day) packages if, for example, it is a question of a replenishment part for a depot.

We apply effective overall solutions and we sort consumed parts according to pre-established procedures when they are returned. The spare parts to be recycled are packed together to be transported for environmental recycling. TransFargo also helps with collecting and delivering spare parts that need to be repaired. We also carry out reconditioning/diagnosis and DOA controls on equipment returned. For fast, easy handling, we also deal with Warranty Claims against your agreement with different vendors.


Our IT Department develops customer-specific solutions such as apps associated with the TransFargo WMS (Warehouse Management System). The app enables service technicians to see stock balances in real time, order spare parts and carry out inventories of our own local warehouses. The app makes the work more efficient and makes it easy to check stock balances and see whether the product is available at a warehouse in the vicinity. Technicians thus have access to a system that is more manageable and reliable, which frees up time.


Our customers in IT are engaged in a range of projects where we assist with roll-outs of computers, printers, monitors and cash register equipment for shops and end users. At our warehouses, we can also help you install software on PCs, printers, and monitors.

TransFargo offers assistance with scanning serial numbers and carries out checks on leasing periods for incoming PCs, printers, and servers. We also assist with unpacking and transport of both packaged and unpackaged goods and we offer delivery throughout the day, on a specific day or according to specified time intervals. TransFargo can also assist with special labelling according to requirements.

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