Automobile industry

Several of our customers in the automobile industry have extended their services to include workshops and production. Since most of our customers have products that must go directly into the production line, it is important for deliveries to arrive on time. TransFargo packs and puts together outgoing customer orders for delivery from our warehouses twice a day in metropolitan areas.

We want to make it easy for our customers and we therefore offer time-saving, cost-effective solutions. We pack spare parts, tools and additional materials with accessories and provide assistance with packing various kinds of workshop packages such as customised toolboxes. When we deliver new products to the end customer, we also take any broken products or parts in return. We sort returned products for recycling or for forwarding for repair. TransFargo is able to carry out more straightforward servicing work at its own warehouses staffed by its own personnel. If more advanced repairs are required, we offer workplaces for our customers' technicians and repair personnel.

Warehoused items sometimes need to be supplemented by articles that come directly from the supplier. These are known as cross-docking articles. TransFargo ensures that your customer order is kept together for a single delivery to the end customer, which enables you to have the right warehousing levels of A and B articles and easily link them to C and D articles prior to delivery.

ESD handling

According to the Nordic ESD Council, sensitivity to ESD damage has increased in areas such as healthcare, the automobile industry, the IT industry and the plastics industry.[1] ESD damage is often extensive during production and servicing. TransFargo has spaces adapted for ESD handling, with features such as conductive flooring, and can assist you in dividing up large packs of ESD bags to obtain the desired number. In order to minimise the risk of damage to the goods, our personnel wear ESD shoes and overalls that are connected to the workplace earthing system via a wrist band.


Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) is structured according to the FIFO (first-in-first-out) principle and supports scanning of serial numbers, batch numbers and barcodes. We can also order and attach certification from manufacturers for various materials that are put together according to batch numbers. We also offer system support for cross-docking and back order management.

[1] Nordiska ESD-rådet,


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