"Nothing is impossible for TransFargo. They take care of the logistics so we can focus on the business"



HP in Sweden has several different business areas and HP project belongs to the printer division. HP provides rollouts of printers and server racks. When a customer orders different printer models, it is important for us to deliver quickly. The new printer must then be rolled out and and the old printer must be transported back. HP looked for an ISO-certified partner who could take on overall responsibility.


TransFargo helps HP with stock-keeping, unpacking, rollout of new equipment according to technicians' installation plans and return of packaging and used equipment from the customer. The packaging is recycled and the used equipment is recycled or sent back to HP's Leasing Department, where it is sold on. "We use all TransFargo's warehouses, depending on what part of the country the end customer is located in", says Per Ahlin, Logistics Manager at Hewlett Packard Sweden AB.


TransFargo assumes overall responsibility. As a partner, they do that little bit extra. "We have frequent discussions and personal contact, which we value highly", says Per Ahlin. "It's important to be able to rely on your logistics partner and, when quick reactions are needed, TransFargo takes care of things and manages them splendidly", he continues. HP's collaboration with TransFargo has helped achieve high levels of customer satisfaction — deliveries arrive on time and TransFargo provides good feedback. HP holds follow-up meetings with TransFargo at the end of each project to ensure that we delivered what the end-customer required. "Nothing is impossible for TransFargo. They take care of the logistics so we can focus on the business", says Per Ahlin.


"We are very happy with TransFargo. They are good at their job and they listen to our needs"



FalckDesign sells flooring for public environments. Their range consists of vinyl flooring, rubber flooring and textile flooring. FalckDesign requires a warehouse and assistance with deliveries to customers throughout Sweden.

"It's important for us that warehouses and logistics should work properly, since our customers require deliveries at promised times", says Mats Samuelsson, CEO of FalckDesign


"In 2010 we engaged TransFargo to manage all our warehousing, which means reception and warehouse placement and deliveries to our customers all over Sweden", says Mats Samuelsson. Our stock consists of around 55,000 m2 of vinyl flooring, rubber flooring and textile flooring. Handling also includes cutting down rolls to ordered lengths and booking transportation. Customers in Stockholm can also collect products directly from TransFargo.


Flexibility and high service levels are important aspects for FalckDesign. Collaboration with TransFargo has helped FalckDesign obtain better freight agreements. Sales have also increased as a result of efficient stock-keeping and the high-quality delivery service provided by TransFargo. "We're very satisfied with TransFargo. They're good at their job and they listen to our needs", says Mats Samuelsson.


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"TransFargo are flexible and always manage to arrange things whenever we need any change in storage space and it's easy to get in touch with them"



Aifo AB was founded in 1990 and is one of Sweden's largest distributors of professional photographic equipment. Aifo is a distributor of professional photographic equipment and what drives us on is a desire to build up the business and a passion for sales. "We were looking for a competent, experienced partner who could help us store and distribute our products. We don't want to manage the parts in-house because that requires extensive professional knowledge of logistics", says Anders Edin, Vice-CEO of Aifo.


"We chose TransFargo due to a combination of good location, large storage space, extensive experience and knowledge combined with a cost-effective price", continues Anders Edin. TransFargo's assignment is to store, manage and distribute Aifo's products. They take care of customer deliveries and handle complaints and general shipping issues. TransFargo has the staffing capacity that Aifo requires. "We have a wide range of products and we win new customers very quickly, which imposes requirements in terms of dealing with different delivery times. We have frequent discussions on the phone — several times a day. It's important to have direct communication on a daily basis and it works very well", says Anders Edin.


We depend on the fact that there are always staff on site with the flexibility to handle urgent assignments. That's something that TransFargo handles excellently. TransFargo has the experience that Aifo needs and they always respond quickly to questions about shipping and manage to come up with a number of alternative solutions. TransFargo is reliable and has extensive experience, which allows us to concentrate on our core business. "We can highly recommend TransFargo to any other company that needs a similar warehousing partner. They meet the requirements that we and our customers impose on deliveries in terms of time and precision. They are flexible and always manage to arrange things whenever we need any change in storage space and it's easy to get in touch with them", concludes Anders Edin.


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