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  • TransFargo is a family owned and independent transport company that is not affiliated to any group with other interests in the transport sector. TransFargo is a Swedish company with an international approach.
  • The company's head office is in Malmö, with facilities in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In addition TransFargo has distribution hubs in Halmstad, Jönköping, Växjö, Linköping and Örebro for the domestic distribution.
  • TransFargo has 110 employees and the turnover is SEK 360 million (40 million €).
  • TransFargo has two business areas: Overland Transport and Logistics.
    1. The Overland Transport business area includes overland general cargo, part and full loads in Europe; the business area also includes express transportation within Europe (System Plus), parcel distribution in the Nordics and the Baltic States and Air- and See transports.
    2. The Logistics business area includes tailored logistics services for procurement, distribution/contract-, service- and reverse logistics. The company also offers "Supply Chain Management", including the responsibility for the entire administrative process related to our customers' supply chain.
  • TransFargo works in different international networks: SystemPlus, Nordic Chain, System Alliance Europe and Cargo Line.
    1. SystemPlus is a European road express system with defined transit times. The service offers delivery times between 24 and 72 hours all across Europe. The system includes 400 terminals, 16,000 employees and 7,000 vehicles.
    2. Nordic Chain is the only network of independent transport companies in the Nordic region. The company offers high quality door-to-door transport solutions on the Nordic Market. The other companies in Nordic Chain are Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard A/S in Denmark, Nortrail – Norsk Trailer Express A/S in Norway and Varova Oy in Finland.
    3. System Alliance Europe is a Pan European general cargo network that consists of leading, privately owned companies within shipping and logistics. The network currently consists of 59 companies in 32 countries with 194 branches. TransFargo has been a part of the network since 1 May 2006.
    4. Cargo Line is a high-performance transport and logistics co-operation with some 70 medium-sized, privately owned partners in 42 countries. Cargo Line is synonymous with reliability and service quality. TransFargo acts as a service partner in Sweden since January 2009.
  • TransFargo has ambitious quality targets: 99,5 per cent of all orders must be correctly picked and packed and delivered from stock on time. 98 per cent of all shipments must be delivered on time and 98 per cent of all invoices must be correctly drawn up.
  • TransFargos work-methods are characterised by quality. In 1995 TransFargo was certified according to ISO 9002. In 1998 TransFargo became one of the first Swedish transport and logistics companies to achieve environmental certification for the whole business. In May 2014 the whole business was recertified for quality and the environment according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for a further three years.
  • TransFargo was AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified in April 2010 according to the level AEOF.
  • TransFargo has a well-developed environmental policy, which states that the company shall, actively and on a commercial basis, undertake targeted environmental work, and shall act as a role model in the industry. The company aims to offer optimal transport solutions with the least possible environmental impact, for example by reducing the number of kilometres that the load carriers are empty, and by increasing the number of combined transport activities.
  • TransFargo has developed its own method of producing customised logistics solutions. Using 'KVAFA', a total product flow analysis, TransFargo can create a distribution solution that is as efficient and market-oriented as possible for its customers. It includes not only physical transport but also packing, storage and distribution of goods, as well as administration and advice on issues relating to terms of delivery and packaging.
  • More detailed information about TransFargo can be found at
  • TransFargo AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of TransFast AB. Owner and CEO Hans-Gunnar Andersson founded the company in 1978.

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