CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Responsibility and Ethic

TransFargo adheres to requirements for ethics and business ethics with objective and independent colleagues who act in a professional manner with a focus on customer interests. We work on the basis of common values and policies. TransFargo’s marketed products are to be produced in an ethically appropriate manner. Thus we aim to take responsibility for ensuring that basic human rights, healthy working conditions and environmental concerns are respected in our chain of production.


TransFargo continuously works to improve and develop our working methods. Developing competence and taking advantage of our experience means we can develop in future assignments. Using internal business and management systems gives all of our employees access to relevant processes and procedures. We monitor and adhere to applicable legislation, regulations and requirements that concern our business.


Together with our customers and suppliers, TransFargo aims to supply services that protect both the indoor and outdoor environment, and the entire organisation consistently works with environmental concerns in mind.

Work Environment

TransFargo aims for an internal physical environment that is optimally adapted to the Work Environment Act – a work environment where employees develop, are content and feel good. We work systematically to investigate, implement and follow up our activities in order to prevent occupational illness and accidents and to ensure a satisfying work environment. We never compromise on our demands for customer or employee safety.

Equality and Diversity

All of our employees are to have the same opportunities to develop, both in their own field and in new areas. All or our employees are to be treated with respect. Within the framework of our activities, TransFargo actively works to promote equality of occupational rights and opportunities no matter ethnicity and religion or faith in order to provide better prerequisites for an innovative and inspirational working environment.


TransFargo participates in societal issues by supporting charity organisations, joining networks that aim to increase awareness of environmental issues and by encouraging employees to get involved in initiatives to protect nature and humankind.

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